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Details inside this basket

  • Brown faux leather tray with white stitching detail and a leather look. Perfect for storage and organization. Made of sturdy construction with die cut handles on each side.
  • Smooth milk chocolate selections including crunchy nuts, buttery caramel, toasted coconut and a cordial cherry among others. 8 delicious pieces. 4 oz. By Sarris Candies.
  • A chocolate and peanut butter combination over a salty and crunchy pretzel. Includes two pieces to share (or not to share). 3 oz. By Sarris Candies.
  • Hand-churned milk chocolate poured onto a marble slab and broken into bite size pieces. An anytime snack. By Pretzel Crazy.
  • A delectable combination of dark chocolate and sea salted almonds, made with raw sugar and a dash of seal salt. Savory and sweet kick with a crunchy middle. 2.9 oz. By
  • Crisp cookies topped with creamy peanut butter, wrapped in milk chocolate and sprinkled with sweet chopped almonds. 7.5 oz. By Delallo.
  • Creamy caramel poured over crispy pretzels. A delightful mixture of pretzel, caramel and chocolate. 6 oz. By Betsy Ann American Chocolates.
  • Milk chocolate bar wrapped in gold. 3.5 oz. By Betsy Ann American Chocolates.
  • A milk chocolate and coconut covered pretzel. By Pretzel Crazy.
  • Salty popcorn drizzled in creamy milk chocolate. 4 oz. By Popcorn Willy.
  • Sweet and salty meet to lend a smooth and yummy taste. 8 oz. By Chocolate Moonshine.