Daily renewal gift box

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A reinvigorating kit with the basics to wash away the day’s stress and pamper the body. Included in this gift:

  • Reusable and foldable tweed box
  • Ultra-moisturizing body butter
  • Deep cleansing facial wash
  • Candle
  • Bath bomb
  • Soap

Details inside this basket

  • Reusable and foldable tweed box.
  • Rich, ultra-moisturizing body butter with coconut extract. Creamy and luxurious texture in an 8 oz container. By Petal Fresh.
  • Deep cleansing daily facial wash. Natural pineapple and watermelon are effective deep cleansers to eliminate unwanted dirt and oil from pores. 7 oz. By Petal Fresh.
  • Jasmine and elderflower candle. Customized for Present Expressions. 8 oz. 
  • Blend of lavender and French vanilla, mango butter and coconut milk in a bath bomb. By Great Lakes Bubble Bakery.
  • Soap made with a mixture of shea, cocoa and mango butter for refreshing and smooth looking skin. 3 oz. By Great Lakes Bubble Bakery.