About Us

Our Mission

Present Expressions aims to bring Pittsburgh’s favorite and finest products in a unique presentation to those who want to experience superior taste or make an impression when presenting a gift. Using carefully hand-picked local products that are thoughtfully wrapped, we strive to share them with other locals and those in different parts of the United States.

Our History

Mercedes Morgan, Owner and Founder
Owner and founder, Mercedes Morgan, proud Pittsburgh resident and food lover, decided it was time to make a change and embark on a new journey. One that would allow her to share what she had learned about the best local products Pittsburgh has to offer, the history behind these products and share them with others in a beautiful presentation. Tired of the corporate work environment and in the ultimate leap of faith, she left her job to start her own business and grow this idea full-time. Her objective is to have fun tasting and pairing different packaged local favorites, playing with outside-of-the-box ideas in wrapping gift baskets and boxes, and establishing great relationships with local vendors to bring the best findings and experiences to others.

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